Thursday, January 26, 2012


Less is More - cut it out (hole or aperture)

Cut all your circles at once, so you can place your dies at equal distances.
First step: glue a clear circle to the back and hide the glue with a paper circle.
Front: glue as per your design. Back: hide glue marks with the extra circles.
When you add your embellishment, beware of where you put your glue.
Stick an extra sheet of lighter weight paper, for your greetings not to show.


  1. This looks simply terrific, the offset circles work really well and the texture of that star is super!
    Thanks so much
    "Less is More"
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  2. Fabulous card. I love how you have used the die cuts, thanks for explaining how you have achieved this stunning effect.
    Love Sheila x

  3. Brilliant idea with your circle cut outs. Such a fabulous CAS card:)

  4. Like that - so simple but elegant with it!!

  5. This is wonderful! Amazing how something so plain and simple can be so striking! Thanks for the tip on placement and glueing too! :)
    Lizy x

  6. Simply superb
    Love it!

    Thank you very much
    "Less is More"


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