Thursday, April 12, 2012


Moxie Fab World - Tuesday Trigger: Three Little Birds

what i liked: everything! the layout, the colors, the alignment of the wings, the tiny blue frame, the white background... i just loved this week's Trigger!
what i used: a few scraps and a quick homemade template, highly inspired by the original but quick to cut out by hand (i left out the feet)


  1. What an awesome take on the trigger! Love your handcut birdies!

    P/s: Congrats on your Moxie Fab win! :)

  2. I love these cute little birds :0)
    Jenny x

  3. Too cute ,youa lways have the right colour papers for the challenges .My stash is huge but I never seem to find the right match.

    Enjoy your weekend .

  4. You did it! This looks great! I loved the target too, but had no way to recreate it so perfectly (never thought to actually HAND make my own cutouts!)


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