Monday, October 8, 2012

CASE Monday

OK, so I’ve been thinking about this for a while and now comes the time to share…
It all started when Nancy Ferb CASEd my card #0010, which made me sooo happy!
– by the way, if any of you ever CASE one of my cards I’d be thrilled to see it and even add a link to it on my sidebar –
I’ve joined the online card community since mid-January this year ; to my opinion it’s all about INSPIRING ONE ANOTHER and moving forward keeping up on techniques, trends, styles, etc.
I have a huge INSPIRATION "folder", but never get round to even looking at it…
So this is where I’ve decided to impose a little weekly challenge on myself:
CASE Monday
(Copy And Selectively Edit)
Every week I create a card based on one of yours (if you accept).
So, who do you think I will CASE next week?


  1. Me? ;-) Looking forward to seeing your CASE cards. You are so creative, I'm sure to draw heaps of inspiration from you, as always.

    1. Oh I definitively will, but not next Monday though ; )

  2. I am sooo honored to be mentioned and linked in your message. Thanks a million. CREATE!!
    Nancy Ferb

  3. This is such a terrific idea!! I should do the same since I've taken the time to Pin such fabulous creations...

  4. This is a fantastic idea, Nat! I have a huge binder of inspirations, inspirations folders on my computer and on Pinterest, but I never can find time to actually LOOK at them for ideas when I'm making a card. I won't be doing my blog as often for a few weeks, but I think when I get back to my usual routine, I'm going to CASE your CASE idea so TFS! LOL!


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