Thursday, January 10, 2013

Problem... solved!

I haven't been able to upload any pictures for more than a week now!! The Browse button doesn't show on my Upload screen...
Are any of you familiar with this problem? A very frustrating one indeed!

ETA: Yay for Google Chrome working, thanks ; )


  1. I know I've read that from other bloggers, do you use google chrome?

  2. I would try using another browser. Hope it gets resolved soon, I'm sure it's really frustrating. I'm on a Mac and use the Safari browser and everything seems to be O.K.

  3. I use Mac as well with no issues, but I've heard similar stories. I agree with Amy. Google Blogger plays well with Google Chrome:)

  4. I had the same problem with Internet Explorer. I tried with Mozilla Firefox and it worked!

  5. Thank you so much ladies, I downloaded Chrome and it works! What a stressful few days trying everyday to see if they had fixed it... never thought of changing browser!


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